Aug 19, 2009

Pussy Joke Number 17

Pure: A Poem

On my birthday
My pussy was so pure.
Yesterday I got stroked and poked
And now I’m not so sure,

Today I realized
I‘m just a little whore.

Aug 13, 2009

Pussy Joke Number 16

Shag Me:

Newly married couple both nymphomaniacs, husband comes downstairs in the morning and the wife asks what he'd like for breakfast?
"Oh think I'll have a shag please!"
So they go upstairs have a shag then he goes to work.
Husband comes home for lunch, "What would you like for lunch dear?"
"Oh I think I'll have a shag please!"
So again they shag and he returns to work.
Half-hour later he walks in the house and finds his wife sliding up and down the banister rail !
"What are you doin?" he asks.
"Oh honey, I'm warming up your dinner!!" she replies.

Aug 3, 2009

Pussy Joke Number 15


This couple were in bed getting busy when the girl places the guys hand onto her pussy. "Put your finger in me..." she asks him.
So he does without hesitation, as she starts moaning. "Put two fingers in...", she says.
So in goes another one.
She's really starting to get worked up when she says, "Put your whole hand in!". The guy's like, "Ok!"
So he has his entire hand in, when she screams out "Put both your hands inside of me!!!".
So the guy puts both of his hands in!
"Now clap your hands..." commands the girl.
"I can't", says the guy.
The girl looks at him and says, "See, I told you I had a tight pussy!".